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We currently have more than one dozen titles from Alexa Asagi Andres! You can visit her website to find out more about her writing projects!

I’m a 21-year-old writer from Woodstock Georgia who was published at age nineteen. I’ve been writing since I was ten years old and used to dictate stories for my mom to write down when I was as young as three. I write about magic and the supernatural, but have plenty of subcategories from romance to children to horror to poetry. Writing is my life, considering that I’m a professional writer and also write fanfiction as a hobby. I owe any success to my mom and my grandmother for being so supportive and always bending over backwards for me. Writing is everything to me and I can’t imagine doing anything else!


Adelicia: Grace, Grit and Gumption

This is not a biography, but an historical fiction based on Adelicia’s life and historical events of the time. Twenty-one, self willed and ambitious, Adelicia steps into the Nashville of 1838, as it is making its transition from frontier town to enterprising city. After her first husband’s death, she arguably becomes the wealthiest woman in America. However, her wealth offers little protections against the sufferings of the human heart, and Adelicia has her share. She endures the premature deaths of her fist two husbands and the deaths of six of her ten children.

Structurally, Adelicia’s story unfolds in five parts, revealing the most legendary aspects of her life:
Part I (1838-1846), recounts the drama of the young woman in her twenties, her marriage to Isaac Franklin, his death, the losses of three of her four children, and the unprecedented contesting of Isaac’s will, from the Supreme Court in Tennessee to the Supreme Court in Louisiana.
Part II (1847-1863) hurls the reader full force into the maturing business woman in her early thirties and forties, her marriage to Joseph Acklen, receiving her inheritance from Franklin, the deaths of three more children, the onset of the Civil War and Acklen’s death.
Part III (1863-1864) presents Adelicia as a mature main-chancer, traveling through battlefields with a mule and wagon, befriending the influential of both North and South, and daringly shipping her cotton crop from New Orleans war-time port to England, taking payment in gold.
Part IV (1864) finds Adelicia returning to a war-torn Nashville, shockingly discovering that Union General Thomas Wood is occupying Belle Monte.
Part V (1864-1867) introduces the dismayed, yet, undaunted heroine traveling to Europe, where in Paris, she is hosted by the Countess Eugenie and Napoleon III. After continuing her Post-war tour, she returns to Nashville, rebuilding and establishing herself as doyenne of a city that is both repelled and mesmerized by her.

Adelicia’s universal and timeless appeal is driven by the enthralling adventures of the compelling heroine, and the numerous sub-plots that keep both dialogue and narrative active. Much of the Civil War material, is taken from depositions and logs of both Union and Confederate forces.


When God Births the Ministry

This is an expedition through God’s process of changing a life, and bringing to fruition His will for Speak Life Christian Ministries, a ministry that God has called to courageously represent the kingdom of God through witness and service to others. Taking seriously the Scripture, prayer, and our call to help others speak the life that God has purposed for them into existence.

This book will challenge the reader to see the author in all of her humanity, and travel with her through her trials and tribulations as she grows in the love and grace of God. The progression from sinner, to sinner saved by grace, to minister of the Gospel will compel the reader to reflect on their own relationship with God. In doing so, an amazing journey of self-evaluation will help the reader to become their best self.

God has a divine purpose and plan for every person’s life, and When God Births the Ministry will empower the reader to embark upon their mission of growth without fear; knowing that God is there every step of the way.


Sanctuary: A Legacy of Memories

Newly retired publishing executive, Theo Phillips, and his wife, Liddy, decide to leave the shadows of Atlanta behind and return to their South Georgia roots in time-lost Shiloh. While making new friends, Theo’s interest in a memorial launches him smack dab in the middle of scandal and dark secrets. As Theo digs deeper into the mysterious fire that stole the town’s landmark courthouse and a town hero, he and Liddy’s retirement dreams take a turn that could unravel both them and the idyllic life they and many others look for in Shiloh.

Testament: An Unexpected Return

In this sequel to Sanctuary, A Legacy of Memories, Theo and Liddy are finally sinking deep roots into their new hometown of Shiloh. Friendships are blossoming as Liddy ponders an offer to become the new art teacher at Shiloh High while Theo sends off his manuscript for Jessie’s Story to be published. Life appears to be settling down, but ominous shadows from the town’s past herald more tragedy lies ahead in little old Shiloh.


Stoker: Evolution of a Vampire

Every writer has an inspiration.

Every icon holds a story.

Every legend hides a dark side.

Dear reader,

When the boon of sleep becomes a presage of horror, while one’s long, shadowy days are laden with sordid events so terrifying they only bridge a thread to the same wicked nightmare, in what can a gentleman find refuge and catharsis? Writing.

No one can deny that Abraham Stoker penned a Gothic tour de force in 1897. All readers and moviegoers are familiar with the name Dracula, as a parade of literary colleagues and Hollywood directors have probed the monster’s conscience for generations. Even so, few artists have explored Stoker’s motivations for creating such a loathsome, seductive protagonist. Welcome to Bram’s frightmare: a wild, historical tale that fuses the life and times of a struggling author, a ruthless prince, and vampire mythology.

Set in London in 1887, aspiring writer and stage manager Bram Stoker attends a séance that changes his life forever. What starts as an innocent ritual follows as a series of unforeseen yet connected plot twists and encounters with the bloodthirsty beast mistakenly freed from the underworld on that fateful night. As Bram’s young son Noel intervenes to pull his father from the madness that ensues, wife Florence’s health begins to decline, and his employer, actor Henry Irving, is being questioned about a violent murder that takes place outside his Lyceum Theater. To save careers, families, and souls, father and son seek answers to the darkest secrets hidden within the Carpathian Mountains, an ancient monastery, a ruined castle, and a forbidden cavern.

My Dracula prequel is meant to pay homage to a brilliant man, writer, and Romantic masterpiece, mixing fantasy, fact, and Gothic elements to show how literary art is born. I have been a vampire enthusiast since the tender age of seven, having first read Stoker’s work in comic-book form. Since then I have made it my avocation to study vampire lore, the historical Vlad the Impaler, as well as everything known about Bram. A vast amount of commentary on his novels, the same reference materials Stoker used in composing his works, as well as the author’s very notes and private journals inform my narrative.


The Scarlet Thread: Tainted Women is a celebration of women who defied conventions and received the gift of Gods grace to become part of Christs family tree. The title of the book reinforces the underlying theme of grace. It alludes to the scarlet thread that Rahab the harlot placed in her window to remind the two Hebrew spies of an oath they made to her not to destroy her and family during their siege of Jericho (Josh. 2:1221). To Rahab, the scarlet thread may have been a token of escape, but to the spies, it may have been a poignant reminder of the Passover blood that caused destruction to pass over their ancestors on the eve of their exodus from Egypt.

Each chapter of the book looks at the life of each woman and how it is woven into the plan of God. The first chapter explores the life of Eve, the second chapter celebrates the Virgin Mary, and the final chapter focuses on Rahab. All other chapters are in chronological order, starting with Sarah, Rebekah, Leah, Tamar, and Ruth and ending with Bathsheba.


Victory (The Paul Isaac Vampire Series, Book 4)

An anti-vampire rights candidate and others are viciously murdered in the Necro-District of Orlando. The only clue, a single word written in blood. To unlock its secret, Paul Isaac unravels a sadistic combination of blackmail and taboo sex. As the new Dracul Sang, Paul must protect his coven, trust sworn enemies and embrace ancient customs. In the meantime, a new lethal power lurks in the shadows, waiting to gain control of the city, while an old flame uncovers secrets Paul isn’t ready to face. In the end, somewhere between the neon and the moonlight, Paul Isaac will find, vengeance, vindication, and VICTORY.


Mystic Tides

A DARK CLASSIC RESURFACES IN MODERN TIMES… An Alaskan native moves to a quiet town in Florida, where he is immediately attracted to a natural beauty with magnetic charm. Soon afterward, he begins to realize that his new love interest might not be the perfect image that she portrays, as she begins to show signs of mystical powers that are linked to her equally surprising past.

Mystic Tides is a New, Young Adult Fiction Series inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Mermaid’.


Laura’s Great Guide to Fitness: How to Stay Healthy Throughout the Ages

Laura’s Great Guide to Fitness is an informative guide to the health-and-fitness industry. This guide is a cumulation of years of learned knowledge from ISSA, ACE, FIDER, AFFA, and CPR, which Laura S. Gudipalley is certified in various degrees and certifications. First, this guide has basic detailed instructions for health and fitness, including charts and guidelines. Second, this guide provides meal plans based on calorie count for kids, women, and men. And third, this guide provides detailed exercise plans for kids, women, and men. Laura’s Great Guide to Fitness is a one-of-a-kind guide that provides knowledge that one would have to pay hundreds of dollars for. This guide is a an easy read that will walk you through the health-and-fitness industry and teach you how to stay in shape, eat properly, measure yourself, find your target heart rate, and so much more. With the index, one can easily locate where you want to start your own personal journey.


Sleeping Above Chaos

Imagine the relationship triangle from EAST OF EDEN and set it deep in the Appalachian Mountains. Add a couple of ghosts, a good measure of dysfunction, and a whole lot of twists and turns, and you have Ann Hite’s new Black Mountain novel, SLEEPING ABOVE CHAOS. Hite’s fourth novel returns to Swannanoa Gap, a small town at the foot of Black Mountain, and introduces new characters while revisiting some favorites from her previous novels.

Buster and Lee Wright are the sons of Swannanoa Gap’s sheriff. Their personalities couldn’t be more opposite and these differences bring conflicts that may not be resolved.

Ella Ruth Allen was born on Black Mountain. Her mama, a city girl, runs off with another man, leaving the two-year-old Ella Ruth behind with Paul Allen, her father. He in turn promptly dumps poor Ella Ruth on her grandparents’ farm to be raised by Grandmother Allen, a woman who has an extreme dislike for her wild, runaway daughter-in-law.

Hite weaves a ghost story throughout each of her novels and this one is no different. Ella Ruth follows a haint into the woods near the farm and stumbles onto her family history. When her life crosses paths with Buster and Lee Wright, fireworks explode.

The reader will travel to a ranch in Montana, to Pearl Harbor, and to the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, while watching the cast of characters struggle through World War II, emerging into adulthoods which would weigh heavy on anyone’s shoulders. The story ends as the Civil Rights Movement ignites.


A Life Alter’d

This is the true testimony of a journey to find, know, and walk with the Lord. It is raw and truthful. The work is insightful and thought provoking. The witness found in these pages will inspire and challenge you to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all you meet. If He can do it for Crystal Jones, He can do it for you!

The following account of my life’s story is an attempt to convey meaning and purpose found from the tragedy and triumph that I have known. The Hebrew root word for altar is lifted up. I am now living a lifted up life thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ who saved me from myself.


Christmas Bells

After grieving the loss of her husband and son, TV host Morgan Marshall is ready to embrace life again. But she won’t risk a relationship with the father of her favorite cooking student, Avery, since the girl’s happiness is more important than her own.

Advertising executive Alex Blake never thought another woman could pique his interest after losing his wife to pneumonia, a complication of her cancer. Yet every time he’s in Morgan’s presence, she brings sunlight into the room. Plus, she’s a role model for his daughter, always assuring Avery that dyslexia can’t hold her back. But if he asks Morgan for a date and then she refuses a second one, the person he loves the most, Avery, could get hurt the worst because she adores Morgan.

When Alex is injured in a fall, Morgan insists on caring for him and Avery. As they share holiday fun, Avery topples Morgan’s beloved crystal bell collection, shattering it to pieces. Through it all, they discover love of one another is more priceless than any object money can buy. Love rings in the air at Christmastime.


The Fantastic Adventures of Oliver Phenomena

There is something very special about Oliver Phenomena, a young boy who seems to attract the most unusual experiences. In his first story he finds himself in plenty of hot water but his guardian angel saves him each time—much to the amazement of onlookers.

Oliver and the Little Ghost

Andy Klein has brought back his lovable character we first met in, ‘Oliver and the Guardian Angel'(2015). Beautifully illustrated by world renowned artist, Ronaldo Florendo, the second book in the ‘Fantastic Adventures’ series, ‘Oliver and the Little Ghost’, has Oliver and his daddy off to stay at Aunt Katrina’s spooky, seaside mansion. Of course, with Oliver around, there is bound to be some supernatural happenings going on. Follow Oliver as he meets Austin, the little ghost that haunts their location, and together they find that spooky can be fun.

Oliver and the Little Bigfoot

‘Oliver and the Little Bigfoot’ is the third story in the ‘Fantastic Adventures’ series. Oliver and his daddy go on a camping trip and Oliver makes friends with a furry creature named ‘Squatch’. The little bigfoot is quite curious, but turns out to be just as helpful.


Stop That Wedding

Diana Curtis works hard to grow her businesses and look after her scatterbrained Mama in a charming, Southern mansion. So, when Miss Jackie returns from vacation engaged to an English Duke, Diana will do whatever it takes to stop the impulsive marriage. She’ll even join forces with the Duke’s handsome but secretive nephew.

Tracking his uncle, the card-counting Viscount, Andrew Montgomery, leaves Monte Carlo for the Mississippi heat with a mission and a secret: Stop the Duke from making an embarrassing blunder and prevent anyone from learning just how few zeros are in the family’s bank account.

While attempting to stop the wedding, Diana and Andrew find their growing connection impossible to ignore. Can Diana risk loving a man with no known occupation when she needs to settle down with Mr. Stability?

Will Andrew follow family expectations by marrying a wealthy, titled girl and begin producing heirs and spares? Or, will he risk telling Diana the truth and pray she’s willing to love a pauper prince?

With old family secrets exposed, Diana and Andrew must decide if their love is strong enough to withstand divided loyalties, crazy relatives, and unexpected truths.


My Sweet Vidalia

On July 4, 1955, in rural Georgia, an act of violence threatens the life of Vidalia Lee Kandal Jackson’s pre-born daughter. Despite the direst of circumstances, the spirit of the lost child refuses to leave her ill-equipped young mother’s side.

For as long as she is needed―through troubled pregnancies, through poverty, through spousal abuse and agonizing betrayals―Cieli Mae, the determined spirit child, narrates their journey. Serving as a safe place and sounding board for Vidalia’s innermost thoughts and confusions, lending a strength to her momma’s emerging voice, Cieli Mae provides her own special brand of comfort and encouragement, all the while honoring the restrictions imposed by her otherworldly status.

Vidalia finds further support in such unlikely townsfolk and relations as Doc Feldman, Gamma Gert and her Wild Women of God, and, most particularly, in Ruby Pearl Banks, the kind, courageous church lady, who has suffered her own share of heartache in their small Southern town of yesteryear’s prejudices and presumptions.

My Sweet Vidalia is wise and witty, outstanding for its use of vibrant, poetic language and understated Southern dialect, as well as Mantella’s clear-eyed observations of race relations as human relations, a cast of unforgettable characters, an in-depth exploration of the ties that bind, and its creative perspective. My Sweet Vidalia is a rare, wonderful, and complex look at hope, strength, the unparalleled power of unconditional love, and a young mother’s refusal to give up.


The Unexpected Daughter

Three people’s lives intersect in a tumultuous yet redeeming way that none of them could have ever predicted. Jenny is a young professional from the South with an upbringing she wants to forget. She meets Roshan, an Indian immigrant who has moved to the United States with his mother, Esha, to escape family ghosts. With strong cultural tradition, Esha has devoted her entire life to her only child, both for his own good and for her personal protection from a painful past. Roshan understands his role as his mother’s refuge, and from an early age, he commits himself to caring for her. But when Jenny and Roshan embark on a forbidden, intercultural relationship, all three get tangled into an inseparable web—betrayal, violence, and shame—leaving them forced to make choices about love and family they never wanted to make while finding peace where they never expected to look.


MS Mystery Solved

A woman’s thirteen-year battle with Multiple Sclerosis and her miraculous healing.

Patti Pickens is a woman Georgia born and raised. Her Southern charm and contagious smile warmed the hearts of everyone around her.

She led the typical life of family and career, with a touch of rebel and a great sense of adventure.

Her life took a turn when she fell twenty feet from a tree breaking both her legs, and told she may never walk again. Not even knowing that life had an even greater war waiting on the road ahead. When she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is when the real battle began.

Through the years of debilitating pain, jobless, and financial ruin. Unable to have children and a husband who walked away, most would give up the fight, but Patti rose up and met the challenge.

Through God, faith became her armor and Jesus became her shield. She never gave up hope, because she deserved to live!

Read more about Patti on her website.


The Land of Sunshine and Hell

“It is 1964 and the Vietnam War is heating up, drafting young men into battle. This is an era in which sex is not discussed at home or at school and children are left in the dark to fend for themselves. It is an era of high morality, anti-war protests, and music that reflected the coming rebellion.

Maxene is seventeen and in love with Romolo, a first-generation Italian American. She discovers she is pregnant; her world comes crashing down around her. She is a good student and has been accepted into college. She is excited about a bright future, fantasizing about marriage and a career as a teacher.

Instead, Maxene will live alone in a town where she knows no one, waiting until the baby is born. Romolo, who is in college, visits clandestinely on occasion.

She gives birth to her daughter. Four days later the lawyer takes the baby from her on the steps of the hospital. Maxene returns home, empty and numb.” Read more on the Author’s Website



Sierra is a successful real estate agent living a comfortable life. But she has a secret so painful that she has erected emotional walls around her heart that block anyone from getting close.

Then the dreams begin. In one, Sierra is running from the sound of dogs barking and men chasing her in the darkness; in another, she’s in a field, lashes coming down on her back; in many, she is a woman of faith named Dorothy, fighting for civil rights. Sierra tries to ignore the dreams and continue with life as usual―but the more she disregards them , the longer and deeper she sleeps, and soon the long nights begin to affect her work and sanity. Finally, she seeks the help she needs.

The more she works to understand the nature of and reason for her dreams, the more freedom Sierra feels in her own life. Doors to relationships with other people open. She meets a client that could be the love of her life. And soon, she has a decision to make: she can be who she has always been, living in fear; or she can be Dorothy, allow the dreams to show her who she really is, reconnect with God, and fill the void in her spirit.


The Mantle Lifted Autumn

In my heart, You write a song: Many pleasures have come my way. Superficial they are, and in Your Word I want to stay. I see Your beauty in a day. I see Your blessings that way. —Ronnette Virginia Smith Just like all of us, Ronnette has experienced challenges and heartache during her journey through life. But it is only through the work of the cross and the strength of scriptures that she has learned that God’s truth is constant and His ways are supreme. In a collection of poems inspired by gospel influence, understanding, and practice, Ronnette blends scriptures, inspirational personal stories, and vivid imagery to uplift spiritual seekers who desire a personal or deeper relationship with Christ. Her poems represent the essence of life while providing biblical basis for relatable thoughts and situations experienced in life that will inspire others to create a deeper appetite for genuine fellowship rooted and grounded in the Word of God. Autumn: The Mantle Lifted shares inspirational poetry that dives deep into biblical principles and encourages believers to rely on the Word of God for counsel, comfort, guidance, and conviction.


The Headless Church, Road to Destiny, & Regaining Dominion

One day during her personal prayer time, Margaret Adeola Sowemimo had a disturbing vision of today’s church people which shocked her into examining who constitutes the church and what they are doing to exemplify the Kingdom of God here on earth. They were headless and wandering about in blindness and confusion – without God’s leadership or sense of direction. These church people were more interested in their own agenda than what God intended for the church to portray. This vision prompted her to ask herself, Where is the power of God today? Is today’s church more preoccupied with activities that satisfy the body than those which strengthen the spirit? Do people outside the church see God’s presence in our ministry or only our own self-serving purpose for existence? In The Headless Church, the author explores both ends of the spectrum, with the historical and biblical aspects at one side and the current state of affairs at the other. Through comparisons and contrasts, she helps us achieve a new perspective on where church people are today, and where we ought to be. In her closing prayer, she implores Jesus to remain the head of the church and encourages us to surrender our lives to him.

Read about all three books here.


The Billion Dollar Baby

This is the true story of Calvin Ward, who has been dubbed “The billion dollar baby” because of the amount of money it took to perform the life-saving procedures on him as a child to ensure his survival immediately after being born. Calvin’s life and story will inspire you to live life to the fullest and teach you that there is a hope of a better day in every dark situation. Read more about him here.


Adobe Moon

It is 1862. With his older brothers fighting in the war, Wyatt Earp is left to manage the family’s Iowa farm under his father’s iron rule. These years of labor produce in him an ambition to seek his fortunes by his wits rather than by the sweat of his back. The open territory to the west,he knows, offers that opportunity. On his way to California he meets a beguiling Mexican girl, who tells him of the “adobe moon,” a rusty-hued orb that reminds a man: If you do not achieve your dreams, you must settle for what you have. Wyatt rejects this idea, but it haunts him nevertheless,as he takes odd jobs, becomes a constable in a small Missouri town, and ultimately sinks into a depression where the line of ethics blur. Fed up with his self-made squalor, he returns to the West for a second chance at a proper life, and in a Kansas cattle town he comes face to face with his salvation…and his destiny as a lawman with his own iron rule.


UNBROKEN #nolongerafraid

“Teikoa Washington is a world traveler who has lived overseas throughout her early twenties. A College graduate who holds a Masters in Education, Bachelors in Business Management and Economics, military veteran who patrolled the skies of North Korea and protected the country from threats. Holds multiple awards from her Career in the Air Force. She was a humanitarian of the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand. Selfless parent who fostered multiple children and adopted her two nieces. Volunteered for multiple homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters. She’s all things to all people. She is a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and confidant, but in all these things still felt broken until she got to the root of her heart and begin to truly heal from the inside out. Take this journey with her has she learned how to become Unbroken.”


Profit Wars

In 2020, Global Force Protection (GFP) is the most powerful professional military corporation on the planet. When Jake Thompson, VP at GFP, discovers an accounting irregularity he begins asking questions no one at GFP wants to answer. His curiosity leads to his boss to send him to Romania, home of his murdered adopted daughter, to secure a contract with the Romanian government to quash a rebellion. There he learns of the connection between the leader of the Romanian rebellion, his company, and his dead wife and daughter. This knowledge will prove fatal to Jake unless he can establish a common thread uniting all parties involved.

In his thrilling debut novel, Profit Wars, Mac Whitesides examines corporations evolving roles in politics, society, and foreign policy as mega companies get richer and more powerful. Although Profit Wars is about corporations and their potential malfeasance; at its core the story is about a man who has lost everything as he struggles to regain love, trust, and purpose in his life.


Beautifully Bare, Undeniably You by Habiba Zaman is a book about the journey of discovering one’s truest self. Following a therapeutic process, the reader is guided along a path to gain a more comprehensive understanding of who they are and the factors that have contributed to their current state of being. Interwoven with powerful song lyrics, each section represents a different, yet interconnected stage along this process. Each section and/or chapter includes the following: a therapeutic or theoretical explanation of the given stage in the process, one or more techniques identified to help reader successfully navigate the process, and at least one vignette that represents a time in the lived experiences of one or both authors, which exemplifies either our struggle or successes during our journey. The vignettes are a raw, exposed, and vulnerable window into the human condition. You can visit her website for more information.